Corporate Responsibility Overview

A Partner for a Better Future

Our commitment to environmental and social quality begins with a focus on our students and the communities we serve. It is rooted in our mission to create a positive, lasting impact - a mission we work towards daily by empowering learners to reach their potential via accessible education. Each of our universities provides lifelong learning opportunities for our students and alumni.

Since its inception, APEI has earned a reputation for serving the military, veteran, and public service communities. Today, we also serve nurses, healthcare professionals, and the everyday heroes within both the public and private sectors. As part of our career-relevant programs, we teach our students to be responsible, service-minded citizens.

Throughout our entire organization, we emphasize diversity, sustainability, and social responsibility. APEI’s Board of Directors provides oversight of such matters, regularly reviewing reports on the company’s progress and providing guidance on additional ways to enhance diversity and sustainability. Through our ESG Oversight Committee, we foster an even deeper culture of inclusion and environmental stewardship. From recruitment strategies that promote diversity among students and employees to recycling initiatives, harnessing solar power, and supporting volunteer work - APEI strives to serve others.

Working to provide equal access to affordable university education, we are fully dedicated to expanding our ESG quality. Through these efforts, we create lifelong learning opportunities in alignment with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 to ensure equal access to affordable and quality technical, vocational and university education. As we drive our business forward, we aim to support a vibrant, diverse, and inclusive learning community—all while protecting the planet we share. This, we believe, is the optimal route to long-term success for all of our stakeholders.