Making A Difference


American Public Education, Inc. is making a difference in the communities we serve, with an eye ever focused on a world in which all learners reach their full potential.

Students are more discerning than ever in making choices about higher education; providing a top-notch experience and earning the recognition of others is very important to our faculty, staff and also to our graduates.


How do we make a difference?


Beyond our dedicated faculty and focus on student success, it’s the profile of our students and how they serve society after graduation as leaders and servants who continue to share their passion and expertise. Whether as public safety professionals, cyber security experts, nurses, or literally rocket scientists exploring space, the value that sets our graduates apart is that they serve others. Employers increasingly view our institutions as a resource for hiring and as an academic partner in offering employees educational opportunity and training.

Service is in our DNA. Originally formed as American Military University, we are the leader in online college education for those who serve --#1 in active duty U.S. military1 and #2 among U.S. veterans2. Our enrolled and graduated students have a core belief in service.

Check out the three graduates below to learn more about a firefighter, a public health professional and a nurse who embody that passion and spirit of service:

Our Graduates

Affordability & Value

  • APUS tuition, fees and books remain approximately 28% less for undergraduate students 3 and 40% less for graduate students 4 than the average published in-state rates at public universities.
  • APUS Undergraduate Book Grant Program has provided students more than $134 million in book and course materials savings since 2001.
  • APUS has awarded more than 2.5 million in transfer credit hours to graduates since 2010 - this lowers costs and shortens the time to degree completion.
  • 68% of APUS alumni graduate with no debt (as measured by 2017 conferrals).
  • Low tuition at APUS means minimal or no out-of-pocket expense for active duty military.

Quality & Recognition

  • 97% of APUS students indicate that their program met their overall expectations. 5
  • 32% of APUS undergraduate alumni returned for a second degree or certificate.
  • 49% of APUS new students referred by others.
  • APUS faculty published 550+ articles, books and papers; earned 100+ awards for their professional practice, research and community service; and presented at 500+ conferences and workshops in 2017. 6
  • 84% of all Hondros College of Nursing graduates passed the NCLEX exam and are working as a nurse.


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