Environmental Stewardship

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Our Sustainable Approach

Student leaning over a laptop

By the very nature of online education at American Public University System and convenient local campus locations at Hondros College of Nursing, we leave a smaller carbon footprint. Reducing commutes and remotely accessing our 2,000 globally located instructors clearly puts us on a more sustainable path.

APEI committed early on to making critical environmental investments, heralded initially in 2012 with the planning and installment of West Virginia’s largest solar array at our headquarters in Charles Town.

As Dr. Wallace Boston said ten years ago when he first made the commitment to carbon neutrality: “In 2007 I signed the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC) as a charter signatory. This (environmental) program not only represents our own commitment to sustainability but also illustrates the American spirit of ingenuity and innovation in general. It was as much about providing renewable energy for our university as it was about making a commitment to our local and extended communities that we will continue to work to promote a more sustainable future for us all.”

The Princeton Review surveyed earlier this year for its 2018 "College Hopes & Worries Survey," noted that 63% of overall respondents said having information about a college's commitment to the environment would influence their decision to apply to or attend the school. We are seeing more of our students inquire about our commitment to Environment and Sustainability Excellence.

It is one of our intrinsic values to have a low carbon footprint and, through an employee-driven climate action plan, to be excellent stewards of our natural resources in the best way possible.

West virginia's largest solar array

1,600 solar panels on a parking lot canopy
15 charging stations for electric vehicles
Producing 480,000 kilowatts annualy - enough to power 30 homes
Offsets 20-25% of the APUS Administrative Building energy requirements
Investment $2.4M constructed by MTV Solar
with American made components